Chile Mobility Scooter

Chile Mobility Scooter (S-889SL)


Mid-Size Scooters are designed for more substantial use than the mini compact scooters; whilst still transportatable they can travel over rougher terrain with an increased travel range and higher load.


  • Two speed controls (for road use)
  • All around suspension
  • Full tiller shround with extra light
  • Full light set with indicators
  • Batteries 34AH
  • Maximum range 32km (20m)
  • Maximum speed 12kph(8mph)

    Range is calculated under test conditions. Weight, terrain and weather conditions can affect range and speed.


  • Length 130cm
  • Width 64cm
  • Height 112cm
  • Weight 100kg (221 lbs)

VAT Relief available

£999.99 Excluding VAT

£1199.99 Including VAT

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